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               Between November 21 and 25, it was organized the 3rd mobility by the Bulgarian partners- 134 Secondary School ”Dimcho Debelyanov”. The partners organized very engaging activities connected to English language and all the implicated pupils were happy to be involved. Below you can find more about several activities that were oranized.

Who am I?

                It is a simple conversation game designed to help students get to know each other with the help of conversation cards. The students are divided into groups of three so that there is a student from each country in every group. Their task is to ask each other questions in order to complete the ID cards of the other members of the group. Once this stage is over, each student presents another one from the group to the rest of the room. 


  • Breaking the ice

  • Practicing simple questions and giving answers

  • Speaking in public

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-21 at 13.26.55.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2022-11-21 at 13.26.56.jpeg

Quiz games

                    The quiz is Kahoot based and contains questions about different aspects of life in the project countries. The quiz is designed to stimulate the participants’ interest in all three countries involved as well as test the knowledge already gained during the previous mobilities. It is light in nature, fun to do and fosters friendship.

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         This is a conversation cards game for elementary to lower intermediate students. The students have to identify a mysterious person based on some clues in a letter found in the area. Each student gets a character card with specific info on it different from the rest. The students go around the room and ask / answer questions about the personal information on their interlocutors’ cards. After some time, they should figure out whose personal information matches the clues from the letter. 


  • Helps practice simple present questions and answers

  • Encourages mingling with others and stimulates further discussion based on the task.

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