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       The general objective of this project is to develop English communication competences through non-formal methods. The specific objectives of the project are the following ones:

 - to implement quality Teaching and Learning methods in order to maximize learning opportunities for all.

 - to develop a connection between students with different backgrounds, using English as a „lingua franca”.

 - the participation of a total number of 42 pupils to this school exchange that will lead to the improvement of their civic, social and cultural skills.

 - to raise students’ awareness regarding the importance of English at the European level.

 - exchange of good practices at European level regarding the organization in order to identify which non-formal methods of teaching and learning English have the best impact on students.

 - selecting 3 interactive methods that will be frequently used by the English teachers


-  a calendar with photos taken during the meetings and activities.

-  a list with the most enjoyable non- formal methods of learning English (the list will be made by the students)

-  a video collage from the carried out activities.

- a Facebook page of the project where there will be posted photos, videos and descriptions of the developed activities.

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